From Rockets to Racoons

Wildlife & Travel Photography

From Rockets to Racoons

For most people, Florida is synonymous with theme parks. If you venture further afield, you'll find that Florida is teeming with wildlife.

This talk, a mixture of video and photos, explores the wilder side of America's sunshine coast.

The wilder side of America's Sunshine State

From Rockets to Racoons

A great many people think that all Florida has to offer is a myriad of theme parks, over run with over-excited children. That’s just not true! There are over-excited adults there too!

If you look slightly further afield, you’ll find that Florida offers everything a travel photographer could want – from Rockets to Racoons! Indeed, Florida is one of the best destinations for bird photography that there is.

This 45 minute talk, a mixture of photos and video, shows some of the sights 

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