Exploring the Great Bear Rainforest

New for 2020 - join us on an incredible journey through the wilds of Canada's Great Bear Rainforest.


Curse of the Devil Fish

A journey along the coast of Baja California into the breading grounds of Grey whales

From Rockets to Racoons

Take a walk on the wilder side of America's Sunshine State.

Teton National Park at Night

Yellowstone & The Tetons

Geysers, wolves, bears, bison, elk and mountains. Who could want more from life?


From Golden Gate to Glitter Gulch

Come with us on a classic road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Wildlife & Photography talk about Antarctica

Wot? No Polar Bears?

Join an epic voyage to the Great Southern Continent. See and hear thousands of penguins, whales, seals, albatross and hear some terrible puns.

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