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About Me

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Like many photographers, I started young. I was given my very first proper camera, a Nikon Nikkormat, for my 16th birthday and I've never looked back.

After many years, I turned my hobby into a business and I have run a full-time professional photography business for more than 10 years.

Despite relying on photography to earn a living, I still love it as a hobby too. This website is designed to showcase my personal projects.

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Simon Coates Photographer

Life is about things, it is about experiences

I love travel. That’s not strictly true – I hate travelling, I love being away!

I have never been one for lying around on a beach, or beside a hotel swimming pool. What’s the point in going through the hassle of an airport and not experiencing what  a country has to offer?

It is experience that makes your life richer. Well, that and having someone to share it with!

Anita – my long-suffering wife – wasn’t really ‘into’ photography when she met me but that has changed over the years and now she takes great delight in our expeditions and out-shooting me when we are away!

Please do not attempt to copy our photos. Not only is it illegal, it is kind of mean. You are literally taking away our ability to survive